. . . In the shadows of the Nestle factory on Toronto's west side stands a House of Everlasting Super Joy. We are a group of artists living and working together towards a better, brighter future, just like H&R Block. LEARN! CREATE! ENJOY!

Sunday, September 12, 2010


The one year labor is over - now weak in the knees we are jubilant and leaky, ready to shake of the umbilicus and jump in headfirst into the unknown. This year we're going to be seeing less shit crazy concerts at the space and more focus on visual art and installation events. . . . so,

Please come celebrate this passing denominator of time with us in true everlasting joy spirit! - An early evening barbeque movie night spacejam! Saturday Sept 18, round 6:00.

Friday, September 10, 2010


House of Super Joy Began last sept as a means for us artists to create freely and work together towards a common goal and to share its success with our friends! Its true collectively - we have lots of friends and the last year we had lots of events to share our 3000 sq. ft. studio space with you. We've been host to a wide range of concerts from Promise and New Mind Space raves to Aids Wolf and ddmmyyyy shows, as well as film screenings and art shows. . . This blog has been a long time coming, as we will have lots to share with you this year!